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CIS Policies and Procedures 2016-2017

Our History.....

In July of 1990, Gary Jacobs and Marcia Deustch introduced the concept of Communities in Schools to community leaders. After the initial presentation, both school districts accepted and supported the program to enter into its schools. A Board of Directors was organized with Ms. Elvia Gonzalez elected as President, Vice-President Mr. Humberto Trevino (Laredo Independent School District), Vice-President Ms. Linda Mora (United Independent School District), Secretary Ms. Tina Trevino and Treasurer Mr. Gerardo Mejia. Upon establishing the Board of Directors the financial and incorporation status for Communities in Schools of Laredo was established.

During the First Board of Directors meeting, an Executive Director was hired to administer and manage the program. In January of 1991 the first two high school campuses were opened for operations. Within the next year, funding was acquired through the D.D. Hachar Foundation and two additional middle schools were opened. In the years following, the Communities in Schools of Laredo program expanded to serve three counties and five school districts. Currently, the Communities in Schools of Laredo Program serves three elementary schools, five middle schools, nine high schools and three alternative schools.

For more than 20 years, CIS-Laredo has been helping students achieve their goals and graduate to go to further heights and attend college. Children face daily struggles in different levels which derail them from succeeding in school. Which is why CIS of Laredo believes that every child needs and deserves a:

· A one-to-one relationship with a caring adult
· A safe place to learn and grow
· A healthy start and a healthy future
· A marketable skill to use upon graduation
· A chance to give back to peers and community

Communities in Schools is the nation’s leading dropout prevention organization. Our system enables project coordinators to provide the needed resources and services to help them be successful in school and prepare them for life.


Communities in Schools of Laredo is about helping youth

Communities in Schools of Laredo is about helping young people to stay in school, successfully learn and prepare for life by coordinating the connection of needed community resources in the schools that we serve.

CIS believes that keeping kids in school is more than a school problem. It’s a

community problem involving parents, neighbors, health‐care providers, business leaders, social workers, counselors, mentors, tutors, and volunteers as part of the solution.

Communities in Schools of Laredo brings resources, volunteers and service providers into the schools and enables them to work as one coordinated team.

Students are assisted by the Project Coordinator at the campus to:

• Improve their participation in class
• Feel more confident and better about themselves
• Deal with life issues
• Improve their grades and attendance
• Receive outside assistance
• Improve behavior and attitude toward school and life
• Stay in school
• Graduate
• Prepare for college
• Explore career opportunities

We help students succeed in school by providing services such as:

• Tutoring
• Homework support
• After school activities
• Peer pressure, self-esteem and anger management support
• Mentoring Drug, gang and violence prevention activities
• College readiness
• Parental Involvement
• Job and career preparation
• Support to address personal issues


CIS Supports Parents

CIS understands that parental involvement is very important for a student’s success. CIS supports:

• Helping parents become more involved and familiar with the school
• Finding resources
• Promoting parent‐teacher relationships
• Offering parent education classes
• Providing job referrals
• Organizing parent support groups
• Addressing social service needs





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